Rural Housing

Most of the ultra poor/hardcore female headed women are living in hut which is substandard and not health friendly as well as insecure. They have no financial ability to build a standard house for health, security as well as social dignity. Other hand, some have been affected and/or have lost their houses because of disaster like seasonal storms, river erosion they could not build housing due to lack of financial capital.

To address the problem, selected women are being provided with 50,000-80,000 taka loan for house making and assists in building house through cooperating in all necessary arrangements. The house loan borrowers repay the loan by installment.

Objectives of Rural Housing:

A. To provide moderate housing facilities among the rural poor to rehabilitate the families who have been affected disaster like seasonal storms, river erosion etc.

B.  Protect the public health and aware them about diarrohea and cold diseases and so on

C. So far VASD has distributed 1200 houses among 1200 families.