Micro Finance Program

VASD started micro finance program since 1995 at the aim to uplift economic growth of the beneficiaries. The program has 3 components such as micro credit, savings mobilization, deposit scheme. Micro loans are divided into two areas like Rural micro credit and Micro Enterprises. Major IGAs are agriculture, vegetable cultivation, cattle rearing, poultry rearing, small business, ferry/hawkary business, grocery shop, tea stall, garments, nursery, Rickshaw/Van, auto rickshaw, handicraft and so on.

Targeted people are organized in group which consists of 20-25 members. Rise group awareness on economic and social issues than provided loan to needy members through ensuring scheme/project feasibility study.

Objectives of program:

Beneficiaries: Poor people, marginal farmers/business people, persons with disabilities  

Working Area: Manikgonj and Dhaka district

Funded by: Own fund, Basic Bank Limited, Midland Bank Limited, Standard Bank limited, Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd., Bangladesh Bank Grihayan Tohabil

Portfolio of Micro credit: (Up to June 2023)

Loan outstanding: Tk. 13,35,06,567  

No. of groups: 422

                                        No. of members: 4546  

                                        No. of Borrowers: 3570